acid phosphatase



acid phosphatase , systematic name: orthophosphoric monoester phosphohydrolase (acid optimum); other names: alkaline phosphomonoesterase; phosphomonoesterase; glycerophosphatase; a lysosomal enzyme (except in red cells). It catalyses the hydrolysis of orthophosphoric monoester to an alcohol and orthophosphate. Zinc and magnesium are cofactors. It is present in high concentrations in the prostate gland, and is also present in red cells, platelets, bone, liver, and spleen. Its measurement in blood may be of use clinically in monitoring progress in cases where prostatic cancer has metastasized, but not where cancer is confined to the prostate, being elevated in only about 30% of cases. Normal range in human plasma 4–11 IU L–1.



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